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Cindy M. Amos

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With an advanced degree in field ecology, Ms. Amos currently works full time as a freelance nature writer, concentrating in contemporary inspirational fiction with natural themes of conservation and living close to the land interwoven in her plot-driven storylines. A devoted Christian since age 10, a strong faith in God is frequently entwined with a solid commitment to the natural world in her characterizations.Romance is her genre of choice, so the story can reflect life's highest emotion-- love, which covers a multitude of shortcomings.Originally from the coast of North Carolina, she now resides on the breath-taking prairie in Wichita, Kansas, where she serves as secretary for the local ACFW chapter.

Books by Author

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Red Cloud Retreat

When event coordinator Season Aldridge takes a position in Red Cloud to promote writing at the famed Willa Cather Foundation, her quest to discover the best of Nebraska brings her into a collision course with handsome wildlife outfitter Rance Foreman as their observation blind collapses on the banks…

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Calypso Reimagined

Visionary Remi Fontaine arrives for his summer job as distinguished visiting professor at a coastal university in North Carolina, hiding his faltering allegiance to his family’s legacy as pioneering oceanographers. As his faculty contact, graduate coordinator Nia Parnell, introduces him to little-known…

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Running Out of Christmastime

A 3-in-1 Novella Collection WALNUT ISLAND FERRY CHRISTMAS ~Where a boat trip off the mainland builds a bridge to holiday romance~ When assistant pilot Sawyer Newland cancels the final ferry run to Walnut Island, North Carolina, prior to Christmas due to inclement weather, he doesn’t count on Orlene…

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Warming Stone Cold Lodge

~ A little artistic persuasion thaws even the most rough-hewn heart~ Set on collecting rocks to stack her next waterfall, artsy entrepreneur Bibi Harrison doesn’t see the bobcat lurking in the meadow until too late. Young rancher Lodge Reddeck fires a shot in the nick of time, and soon ends up with…

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Salvaging Doctor Junk (Landscapes of Mercy) (Volume 6)

~Where love salvages two hearts on the ledge of loneliness~ Delayne Davidson has a knack for flushing secretive birds from their cover, but when she goes into the Ozark backwoods to buy a puppy, she flushes out a handsome young veterinarian as a bonus. Try as he might, Kemp Junkowski just can’t seem…

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Mesa Verde Meltdown

Amid the record heat of August 1955, artist Kathleen Litton comes to Mesa Verde to restore the pictographs left in cliff dwellings by the ancient Anasazi people. Plagued by a contaminated seep at beloved Balcony House, geologist Miles McShane has to match wits with an unknown threat to protect the nation’s…

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Lifting Lock Runner (Landscapes of Mercy) (Volume 5)

~Where the right heart connection can lift the heavy spirit~ Stationed at the locks leading to Lake Okeechobee, Florida, Fallon McKenzie admires the heroic rescue of a disabled boater as the lock rises with floodwater. In the right place at the right time, Bait Crate shop owner Court Reynolds offers…

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Secondhand Flower Stand

~In Mount Hope, Kansas, the power to heal grows in a bedraggled flower garden~ Rellie Lassiter arrives in Mount Hope for her Aunt Mo’s knee surgery and discovers an unkempt flower garden out back, perfect for healing her big-city woes. Rancher Trevor Garner shares the driveway to Mo’s farm, but…

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Sanctifying Ace Aerialist (Landscapes of Mercy) (Volume 4)

~ Where taking the higher road can sanctify the journey~ Paisley St. James discovers Brace Cordan, the charismatic leader of the Re-Occupy movement, has been left behind to fend for himself at the wildlife park where she works in Pawnee Rock, Kansas. Sympathetic to include him in the community, she…

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Everglades Entanglement (A National Park Romance) (Volume 1)

Outfitter Tinsley Graham is hiding something remarkable in the vast expanse where Shark Slough drains the southern tip of Florida to form the Everglades. Videographer Rand Melton shows up to film the annual eradication of the evasive predator bent on demolishing the park’s native fauna. Paired to…

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Justifying Sound Strider (Landscapes of Mercy) (Volume 3)

~Where honest advocacy justifies an investment of the heart~ Marin Evans finagles her way into a rowboat with a temperamental sound-side resident who’s about to have his salty heritage crumble beneath him on the Outer Banks. Tyde Fearing lowers his guard to give the insistent land use planner her…

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Saving Bicycle Man (Landscapes of Mercy) (Volume 2)

~Where healing love can lend the power to save~ Nurse Cami Walsh meets an interesting man the hard way when she sideswipes cyclist Holt Ellis on his way down Lookout Mountain. Holt survives the collision with shredded hopes of improving his dire state of unemployment, but Cami’s tender touch revives…

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Redeeming River Rancher (Landscapes of Mercy) (Volume 1)

~Where only the bond of love can make redemption possible~ Lacey Woodhouse arrives at River Ranch to deliver the bank’s notice of default for unmade mortgage payments but plunges into a horse trough and meets the struggling owner, rancher Wray Benson, up close and personal. When a bouquet of field…

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