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New Books

Minding the Amish Baby

Amish store clerk Tessa Fisher isn’t ready for marriage or a family—until a baby girl is abandoned on her doorstep. Now Tessa and her gruffly handsome landlord, Turner King, must mind the baby together. And soon Turner and the sweet-cheeked kind are burrowing…

Snow Angel

Lena Carver worked as her physician brother’s medical assistant, housekeeper, and cook. Maimed in a childhood accident at Christmas, she believed she was beyond love’s reach—until a dark-eyed cowboy arrived broken, bruised, and bent on changing her…

New Authors

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Tracy N. Traynor

I started writing my YA Fantasy book about 25 years ago. It took me a long time to decide to self publish but now I am glad I did. Three books out in the fantasy series so far, next one on the way. These book have my Christian beliefs within them but they…

Author Image

Cynthia Herron

Cynthia writes Heartfelt, Homespun Fiction from the beautiful Ozark Mountains. A hopeless romantic at heart, she enjoys penning stories about ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. Her Hope Discovered, her début novel and the first in a three-book…

This week's interview

Tessa Afshar

Portrait of author Tessa Afshar is an award-winning author of historical and biblical fiction. In 2011, after publishing her first novel, Pearl in the Sand, Tessa was named New Author of the Year in the Family Fiction-sponsored Reader’s Choice Awards.

"I wrote Thief of Corinth with a lighter touch, more sensitive to those who are unaccustomed to conversations about the Lord. People unfamiliar with the Bible and the church who would normally cringe at the thought of reading Biblical fiction."

This month's book club

Oath of Honor (November 2018)

Book Cover A murdered partner. A missing brother. Will Isabelle's silence protect those she loves . . . or delay justice?

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Dead Drift (January 2019)

Book Cover The Final Countdown to Stop an Imminent Attack Has Begun.

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