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New Books

Cactus for Christmas

Lucy loves her familiar Christmas traditions. Why shouldn’t she? At sixty years old, they’ve become a part of her. But this year, they’re all thrown out the window when she drops everything to drive across the country to care for her sister in Arizona.…

Broken Spirit

The dream of motherhood eludes her. Can she find her way back to hope? Belinda Briggs is familiar with heartache and life’s heavy burdens. Multiple miscarriages, unfulfilled expectations, and family challenges have strained her marriage. After an epiphany,…

New Authors

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Kelly Anne Liberto

Author and speaker, Kelly Anne Liberto has been serving as a biblical counselor for several years. She helped spearhead the mentoring department for a local women’s center in her hometown. Her passion is to see women restored to the destiny they were created…

Author Image

Lana Newman Kruse

Lana Newman Kruse Biography A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Lana has been a teacher and long-time volunteer. She has been a Lay Therapist with the Texas Department of Human Services, a Group Leader in Bible Study Fellowship and Community…

This week's interview

Jodie Wolfe

Portrait of author Like many authors, Jodie Wolfe mixes two writing styles to create one all her own.

"I call myself a plotster, because I’m a little bit of both. I do a lot of research before writing and try to get a good handle on my characters – what they look like, what inspires them, etc. I plan the setting and have a general idea of where the story will go and what the theme will be, but then I let my characters loose. They often go places I hadn’t intended."

This month's book club

Underground Scouts (November 2023)

Book Cover In spite of great odds, Polish Boy Scouts and Girl Guides willingly sacrificed their young lives to help the Underground Army overthrow the Germans in Poland in 1944.

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Paper Dolls: Priscilla (January 2024)

Book Cover Former gold-digger Priscilla King was looking for a sugar-daddy when she met Barry King.

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