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Running Out of Christmastime

By Cindy M. Amos


A 3-in-1 Novella Collection

~Where a boat trip off the mainland builds a bridge to holiday romance~
When assistant pilot Sawyer Newland cancels the final ferry run to Walnut Island, North Carolina, prior to Christmas due to inclement weather, he doesn’t count on Orlene Trask arriving late in the parking lot. Pretty and persuasive, Orlene convinces him to risk the crossing of Albemarle Sound, but emergencies and shoaling sandbars soon stand in the way. Landlocked by the spreading fog with Christmas fast approaching, Sawyer leans on small-town backdrops to charm his guest into staying, including a special offer Orlene can’t readily decline.

~Where the comeliness of the lowly adds to the enchantment of Christmas on the prairie ~
Larsen Klein waits out his substitute stint at the Santa hut during a Kansas ice storm and ends up with a stranded guest on his bottom step just two days before Christmas. Nursing student Joelle Wright relishes the warmth and kindness of the strong man in the hut—until she figures out he’s the one person in town she’s trying to avoid! A trip up Old Highway Four in Larsen’s snowplow lends Joelle the chance to reconsider as she meets some of the colorful characters in Nana Dee’s letters and gets a peek inside the rancher’s tender heart. Count on sparks in the snow!

~Where a vestige of Old World traditions helps cast diamonds in the sand~
Shandy Martin escapes during winter break to finish her research out on the sandy spit of Cape Lookout, North Carolina, only to find fisherman Tanner Willis in need of some immediate first aid. A quick rescue launches their survival-based partnership amid bitter cold weather. When his family visits Core Banks on Christmas Eve, Shandy discovers their connection to a long-admired space martyr which opens her heart to romance. With time running out on Christmas, will Shandy discover a way to extend their holiday affections after the Yule log burns down?

Book Takeaway:

God's timing is perfect -- made evident on this sacred holiday.

Why the author wrote this book:

To demonstrate the heart's receptivity to love at Christmastime.


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