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Warming Stone Cold Lodge

By Cindy M. Amos


~ A little artistic persuasion thaws even the most rough-hewn heart~
Set on collecting rocks to stack her next waterfall, artsy entrepreneur Bibi Harrison doesn’t see the bobcat lurking in the meadow until too late. Young rancher Lodge Reddeck fires a shot in the nick of time, and soon ends up with a beautiful woman in his arms. Reclusive due to an unresolved brush with the law, Lodge hesitates to offer her a load of fieldstones to make amends. As they work side by side on the planning committee for a business expo in Council Grove, Kansas, an unlikely attraction begins to kindle. Driven to hunt down a local woman gone missing, Bibi hopes to unshackle Lodge’s cold heart, and her godly determination soon has an unexpected rippling effect in the caring community.
Bibi’s challenge to leave a mark on the landscape forces Lodge to view his ranching
heritage in a whole new light, but will his reluctant heart thaw out in time?

Book Takeaway:

Justice will arise for the innocent, remove the specter of unfair claims, and open a door to a lasting heritage.

Why the author wrote this book:

To demonstrate the unflinching endeavor of Christian concern in action and the quest to right an injustice.


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