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Rekindled from Ashes

By Cindy M. Amos


On sabbatical, rodeo entertainer Lyndie Leigh Sessoms strikes out on her quest to find a real life, riding the coattails of a wildfire into Kansas where she rescues trampled rancher Burk Crosby from the ashes. Drawn together in a cascade of heart-wrenching events, they work selflessly to counter damage from the wildfire and resurrect the rural community around Ashland. Small-town kindness combines with widespread generosity in the wake of the fire, but a greedy siphon infiltrates the distribution site, casting a dark shadow of suspicion over the recovery efforts. To salvage their blossoming affection, Burk solidifies the ranchers to force the siphon out of hiding with a trap—but Lyndie never suspects that she’s positioned as the bait. A late-arriving warning leaves her nowhere to turn: do not trust anyone in Ashland, Kansas.

Based on the true story of the Starbuck fire of 2017 that ravaged western Kansas–
and area ranchers who demonstrated vulnerable resiliency in its aftermath.
Strength for the day…with eyes on the Almighty.

Horizons of Hidden Promise Book 1

Book Takeaway:

God is our strength and resilience in the aftermath of cataclysmic devastation. With him we can triumph and overcome.

Why the author wrote this book:

Based on a real-life catastrophic event, I wanted to retell the story of God's mercy to allow the affected ranching community to change for the better


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