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Silver Lining at Mustang Pass

By Cindy M. Amos


Deep within Montana Territory in 1885, miner Chance Mullan checks the rail spur for his expected shipment but picks up two famished siblings instead—the adult offspring of his recently deceased work partner. Relegated to sleeping on the rear porch, Serafina Redmann never imagined such a bleak existence at the edge of civilization, but the fervor of the villagers to grow the settlement into a permanent town makes her want to stay and contribute. An untimely death in the village casts suspicions her way, opening a rift with the Blackfeet Indians who use the pass to reach their hunting grounds in the mountains. Serafina stumbles upon an inexplicable cache which places her at further risk. Dare she offer Chance a way out of peril?
Intent on keeping Mustang Pass from becoming a ghost town, Chance fails to see one remedy for growing the town standing right in front of him.
Could a strong woman with golden hair become his silver lining solution?

Book Takeaway:

"In God we trust" must become a way of living and a motivation to do what is right and good

Why the author wrote this book:

To depict the pioneering spirit in America's Old West and the influence Christianity had on critical decisions made for establishing permanent settlements.


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