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X-Raying the Doctor

By Cindy M. Amos


Greer Trousdale finds her new job at Chicago’s Cook County Hospital off to a rocky start in the spring of 1937 when her special skills as medical transcriptionist collide with the handsome x-ray doctor, Thane Keaton, during a crisis. A Geiger counter becomes an intermediary of sorts until a date at the lush Garfield Park Conservatory sets their hindered mutual attraction into better alignment. When a careless orderly poses an internal threat, Greer must learn more about the x-ray machine, using her typewriter keyboard’s QWERTY as a secret code. On a hunch, she’ll employ a low-dose of unwavering support for the hero behind the x-ray machine, a device whose invisible power has the strength to penetrate damaged tissue for amazing diagnostics—or irradiate it for a harmful demise.
In a tragic year where the Hindenburg and Amelia Earhart fall from the sky,
surely something uplifting can endure for posterity—like love meant for all time.

Book Takeaway:

Even under invisible threat, valor for duty can turn ordinary men and women into extraordinary ambassadors for advancement under the hand of God

Why the author wrote this book:

To capture the "valor for duty" of early pioneers in the field of radiology, given a strong faith and a determination to make a difference


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