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Oil Field Maven

By Cindy M. Amos


Safety manager Duncan Reed works to flush out an illicit labor union tapping out the oil company’s insurance benefits in El Dorado, Kansas. When his path crosses newly widowed Lorna Rae Holmes, their friendship lends her courage to pursue a long-held dream. Lo-Rae Cakes becomes a reality after she moves to prosperous Kansas City. But the harrowing Midwest floods in the summer of 1951 pressure Lorna Rae to evacuate, reuniting her with the compassionate safety manager who has a soft spot for both her cake and her daughter. A cresting flood, a fire held in innocent hands, and a fiendish last attempt by the union leader all threaten to damage the fragile connection between Duncan and Lorna Rae. Safety must return to the oil fields, but what will Duncan place at ultimate risk?

Book Takeaway:

God will shelter the innocent while good wins the battle over evil.

Why the author wrote this book:

To demonstrate postwar America's economic strength, with men and women working together for the nation's success.


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