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Salvaging Doctor Junk (Landscapes of Mercy) (Volume 6)

By Cindy M. Amos


~Where love salvages two hearts on the ledge of loneliness~ Delayne Davidson has a knack for flushing secretive birds from their cover, but when she goes into the Ozark backwoods to buy a puppy, she flushes out a handsome young veterinarian as a bonus. Try as he might, Kemp Junkowski just can’t seem to gain business at his fledgling animal clinic in Harrison, Arkansas, park headquarters for the picturesque Buffalo National River. As they bond over a mutual love of animals and time spent on the river, Delayne suggests inventive ways to strengthen his business ties. When evidence of vehicle tampering unfolds right in the department’s motor pool, trouble starts showing up in unexpected places. Kemp tastes success while subbing for an ailing vet at a non-stop animal clinic, so how can he return to an empty appointment schedule? Delayne helps Kemp step beyond his fear of ledges, but can she come up with a strategy to keep his clinic doors open? Trepidation may toe the ledge, but true love only lands after a leap of faith. ~Because when you’re on the ledge of desperation, the only lifeline is love~

Book Takeaway:

Stewardship of the land and care of the animal kingdom are acts that honor God when carried out in strong faith.

Why the author wrote this book:

To capture my experiences decades ago as a seasonal employee in this rugged yet strikingly beautiful terrain, showing that the merciful hand of God is at work in remote places.


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