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Mesa Verde Meltdown

By Cindy M. Amos


Amid the record heat of August 1955, artist Kathleen Litton comes to Mesa Verde to restore the pictographs left in cliff dwellings by the ancient Anasazi people. Plagued by a contaminated seep at beloved Balcony House, geologist Miles McShane has to match wits with an unknown threat to protect the nation’s antiquities. Kat’s colorful charm softens his heart, yet her commitment to excellence leaves her vulnerable to the danger of deception. The unyielding heat of late summer places the entire park on a crumbling edge as recurring trouble strikes Miles’ last nerve. Ropes and ladders lead to their precarious cliff-side rendezvous but will the two abandon the romance like the Anasazi left the mesa? Love tucks into unlikely places, rock solid and always meant to last.

Book Takeaway:

Resolution often comes from regarding one's problems from a new God-led perspective.

Why the author wrote this book:

To celebrate the heritage of people living on a unique landscape while infusing the main characters with Christian determination to make a difference at a point of crisis.


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