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Sapphire Skies at Mustang Pass

By Cindy M. Amos


On the verge of abandoning the fur trade in Montana Territory circa 1886, Frenchman Rene Dubois rescues lovely trespasser Brynelle Merriman from a line of traps set to catch a pesky beaver. Uncommitted to staying in Mustang Pass despite appeals from friends Chance and Argus, Rene becomes drawn to the fleet-footed daughter of the new mercantile’s owner, but cannot persuade her to run in his direction. Building shelves for the store sets him in better position for feminine attention, but he scarcely gains ground when trouble threatens Granite Mine. As the women retaliate, Brynelle determines to secure help involving a questionable destination.
Can a restless trapper discover the value of defending a homeland
and recognize the true enemy before the battle begins?
A marathon for alliance may persuade him.

Book Takeaway:

God provides a home where we can flourish and use our giftedness for his kingdom

Why the author wrote this book:

To highlight the wanderlust of certain pioneer lifestyles that can be improved by following God's guidance for a sense of permanence and homeland.


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