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Ocracoke by Christmas

By Cindy M. Amos


An addition to the lighthouse keepers quarters in 1929 turns Kettie Gaskill’s world out of kilter when handsome carpenter Drey Parker makes a crashing appearance onto Ocracoke Island. A temporary co-teaching assignment keeps her best friend Mirabel from non-stop flirting, but circumstances deliver a new replacement assistant, giving Kettie one too many suitors for such a small island. When the Black Tuesday stock market crash chases a spreading influenza epidemic on the mainland, a winnowed heartache follows. With a wedding set for Christmas Day, which suitor will meet Kettie at the altar?
The lighthouse shelters a few choice secrets
but never falters in shining a light on true love.

Book Takeaway:

God will supply your every need and fulfill his promises for an abundant life

Why the author wrote this book:

To capture the resilience of living on a barrier island during the tumultuous year of 1929 in American history


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