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Renegade Restoration

By Cindy M. Amos


Colorado rancher Rait Danner hires a restoration expert right out of college and figures he can step back and let her take the lead—until Serena Thornton turns out to be the far side of pretty. Dividing his time between the ranch and Silverdale’s Old Town, Rait finds himself drawn to the perky blonde, though her Bohemian fashion sense rubs him the wrong way. After two sisters traipse down the matrimonial aisle, he can’t seem to recover from the family’s double loss. Trapped on the dance floor with Serena at the bride’s request, she tries to help him work through his dilemma. Taking a deeper look at her upright character might mean ignoring the irritation of her fashionably torn jeans—if only he could stop focusing on the tatters to let love win out.

Book Takeaway:

Marriage is an honorable institute and a worthy destination.

Why the author wrote this book:

My contribution to a collection where six siblings get married in sequence brings meaning and purpose to a reluctant man who fears greater loss.


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