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Secondhand Flower Stand

By Cindy M Amos


~In Mount Hope, Kansas, the power to heal grows in a bedraggled flower garden~ Rellie Lassiter arrives in Mount Hope for her Aunt Mo’s knee surgery and discovers an unkempt flower garden out back, perfect for healing her big-city woes. Rancher Trevor Garner shares the driveway to Mo’s farm, but sure doesn’t welcome any feminine company—pretty or otherwise. When he tries to bush hog the floral evidence of love-turned-tragic, Rellie turns a bruised back to his advancing tractor and takes a stand to spare the bloom-tousled garden. In this battle of bruised versus bitter, it will take hail-fire and brimstone to help them see eye to eye. Count on the tempestuous Kansas weather to avail the perfect opportunity, and cap it with a touch of divine resolution from Rellie’s roadside flower stand. Journey to Mount Hope, Kansas, where secondhand doesn’t mean second best.

Book Takeaway:

Though life's circumstances may leave us bruised and bitter, the grace of God blooms like a flower, bringing something beautiful out of the healing.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write a romance about a bruised reed not forgotten by God


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