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Sanctifying Ace Aerialist (Landscapes of Mercy) (Volume 4)

By Cindy M. Amos


~ Where taking the higher road can sanctify the journey~ Paisley St. James discovers Brace Cordan, the charismatic leader of the Re-Occupy movement, has been left behind to fend for himself at the wildlife park where she works in Pawnee Rock, Kansas. Sympathetic to include him in the community, she gives him a job tending the lorikeets, where he devises a gymnastics act that covers him with avian attention. When Brace lends his marketing expertise to increase daily attendance and passes romantic glances her way, small town living starts looking up. Betrayal strikes the park, leaving a tag-team staff shored up by nomadic Re-Occupy members to run the Shakespeare event. An unbelievable offer emerges from the show when the post of a wacky performance goes viral on social media, but Brace allows his financial burden to overshadow any hope for her inclusion. Paisley will have to utter the words no woman should have to say, but will that sacrifice be enough to convince Brace? The path ahead becomes the higher road when it starts on a towering rock.

Book Takeaway:

God knows your heart's beckon to find a place to call home, and he can lead you to the perfect spot.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to mingle small town Christian ethics with a needy group of young adults hungry for answers.


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