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Ballot Box Rumors

By Cindy M. Amos


Journalism student Harper Townsend covers an election rally on assignment which turns electric when a rowdy activist group attacks, forcing a rescue by charismatic campaign manager Wink Dunn. The deeper she delves into surfacing rumors, the more compelling her new friend becomes. Though the Fed-up Brigade has an agenda that won’t let the campaign transpire peaceably, Harper’s intuitive drive to expose the truth helps muffle their vocal protests. As November approaches, candidates begin to drop from the ballot at every disclosure, which might leave a crook to run unopposed. Good thing Harper has a few rumors of her own to unpack—and just in time for write-in votes to be counted!
A grassroots campaign may grow a successful candidate, but can it also nurture budding love?
Only Election Day will render the final tally where romance earns a lasting majority.

Book Takeaway:

Follow God's directing for the outcome that brings him glory

Why the author wrote this book:

To demonstrate that deep-rooted Christian values can make a difference in modern-day politics, despite deviations from the truth and partisan spite.


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