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Canyon Country Courtship

By Cindy M. Amos


Stopping by Landscape Arch after delivering her lavender soap supply to the park’s visitor’s center, Kenzie Drummond rescues a fallen hiker and offers to help walk him out. Pressed with a deadline for his photographs to make the next Canyon Country calendar, Ford Wesley can’t afford any delays. When his knee injury threatens to wreck his schedule, his travel plans merge with Kenzie’s soap delivery route and the two strike out to admire some of Utah’s most stunning scenery together. With romance budding under a cascade, their cozy travelogue-for-two crashes at lavender harvest, complete with sharp machetes and a menacing boss. The heady aroma of essential oils masks the scent of danger for Kenzie, leaving Ford to navigate his loneliness back at the ranch. Like the natural bridges featured in his photos, will he span the distance in time?
From wind-bruised fields of lavender to rain-carved palisades, Utah boasts a phenomenal sculpted horizon where love can take root and flourish.

Book Takeaway:

Watch for God to open new routes for you and be amazed as the scenery unfolds

Why the author wrote this book:

To highlight God's stunning creation on Utah's horizon while his hand brings two searching people together for something wonderful


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