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Calypso Reimagined

By Cindy M. Amos


Visionary Remi Fontaine arrives for his summer job as distinguished visiting professor at a coastal university in North Carolina, hiding his faltering allegiance to his family’s legacy as pioneering oceanographers. As his faculty contact, graduate coordinator Nia Parnell, introduces him to little-known natural gems along the coastline as they co-teach a summer session course. Remi’s growing affection for all things terrestrial mingles with his attraction for Nia, until a diving malady strikes and forces him to contemplate a major redirection. Launching a new focus for the underwater society at the summer’s end may force Remi to leave Nia high and dry—or can they explore the new horizon together?
When a heritage must be reimagined, the letting go frees a heart to love.
After all, every man must dare to leave his own footprints in the sand.

Book Takeaway:

Though circumstances may blur the way and hinder one's progress, trusting God to lead you where he wants you will bring blessings unimaginable.

Why the author wrote this book:

Having experienced a career shift from my educational background, I wanted to highlight the faith required to follow God's leading into unfamiliar territory and the reliance it requires to trust God in all aspects of life.


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