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Redeeming River Rancher (Landscapes of Mercy) (Volume 1)

By Cindy M. Amos


~Where only the bond of love can make redemption possible~ Lacey Woodhouse arrives at River Ranch to deliver the bank’s notice of default for unmade mortgage payments but plunges into a horse trough and meets the struggling owner, rancher Wray Benson, up close and personal. When a bouquet of field daisies finds its way to her car windshield weeks later, she decides to throw caution—and conflict of interest—to the wind. Time in the country charms Lacey and she learns of Wray’s support of an ailing niece which softens her heart. Soon deconstruction of his perimeter fence during the foreclosure countdown hints of trouble within her REO unit at the bank. An investigation launches with Lacey at the helm, but she has problems navigating the sole condition mandated by the bank president—she can’t see Wray until the foreclosure process concludes. Committed to staying the course, she pins the guilty conspirators and offers a secret deal on the foreclosure in the nick of time. But will Lacey be able to reach out to downtrodden Wray and reconnect heart-to-heart? A troubled river runs through the flower-strewn meadow of their relationship, one that the redemptive river of love must overcome.

Book Takeaway:

Faith can change a heart from opposition to advocacy when God puts the right person in the right place at the critical time.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book from an outline in a writing workshop by agent Mary Sue Seymour to prove that reconciliation never comes too late.


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