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You have two options when you register at Fiction Finder. If you are a reader, librarian, or book club coordinator, then please register as a reader. You will then be able to search our database for the latest Christian fiction, a novel you can hand a friend who is dealing with a difficult issue, or recently released novels written by your favorite author. You might even discover a new author or two. You can also add reviews of books to the database.

If you are a published author in Christian Fiction (novel or novella only), either traditionally or independently published, please register as an author. This will give you the ability to enter your books into our database. It will also allow you to adjust information that may be inaccurate or return to an entry that you started.

If you are a yet-to-be published writer, or are published outside of the Christian Fiction market, in non-fiction, short stories, devotionals etc., please register as a reader. When you become published in Christian Fiction with a novel or novella, we will be happy to update your account at that time.

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