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Reconciled from Heartache

By Cindy M. Amos


Fed up with the good-old-boy treatment at her current job in Emporia, conservation officer Aley Halstead plans a lateral move for more equitable treatment in nearby Council Grove, Kansas. A real hitch in her departure plan, she meets enigmatic Hake Warren, a young lawyer attempting to ranch on a newly-purchased acreage. As her final project, Aley commits to helping the rookie weekend rancher design the best plan for restoring the overworked operation, but when their interests turn more personal, his outlying ranch becomes a romantic midpoint to ease her transition. Living in the new town grows perilous, right when Hake’s class action lawsuit work gains momentum. Whether poacher or poltergeist, the unhinging threat turns sinister, and only Hake’s knowledge about his property will prove the difference between life or death.
Can Aley’s lessons on protecting the land come to her rescue in return?
Watch Hake push matters to the edge to reconcile her from heartache.

Book Takeaway:

Reciprocation will follow the faithful and come to their aid

Why the author wrote this book:

To address harassment in the workplace for females with non-traditional jobs


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