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Sweet Regrets from Sourwood

By Cindy M. Amos


Bree Borden is so busy orchestrating Sourwood’s farm-to-table movement, she scarcely has time to pull off the town’s harvest festival until she runs into Kyler Jennings. A successful book author temporarily running the local bed and breakfast for his uncle, Kyler determines to help the workaholic farmer slow down and smell the roses. After showing up at the farmer’s market, he lends some masculine attention to prove to Bree she’s really a dirt-encrusted diamond in the rough. Each week in December, secretive gifts arrive to aid Bree’s dream of expanding her line of products and make her life easier. At Christmas on the Square, sweet affection falls prey to long-distance regrets, but a fiery tempest will ultimately test their bond.
Can Christmas Eve lend a wandering writer a real reason to put down roots?
Only if true love can be garden grown and traced to a banquet of the heart.

Book Takeaway:

God makes provision for us in intricate ways, more direct than farm-to-table with the best outcome always in mind

Why the author wrote this book:

To represent the modern emphasis of food trace-ability in a God-honoring manner


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