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Ocean's Edge

By Cindy M. Amos


~Where touching the ocean somehow touches two hearts~
Ready to escape high-and-dry Kansas, Wynn Yardley arrives too late for the Dreams Come True event, but her request for a trip to the ocean’s edge still falls within foundation director Teague Montgomery’s power to grant. Following his plan to cut expenses, Teague brings Wynn to the Outer Banks at his grandmother’s beachfront timeshare while he stays with an old family friend in Millionaire Row. Wynn’s open-eyed delight of time spent on the shore fills a lonely spot in Teague’s heart. A walk on the pier takes them beyond the ocean’s edge to forge a romantic bond, but a situation at the Mansfield cottage soon challenges their togetherness. Only quick thinking will yield a workable plan, but Wynn feels the pain of being an outsider during the deal.
Is she simply building sandcastles that will wash away?
Or is there hope at the ocean’s edge for something meant to last?

Book Takeaway:

A far-off dreamed-for destination is not out of reach for the long arm of God

Why the author wrote this book:

This book reflects the divine guidance of God's hand to bring an individual exactly where they need to be for that next critical step in life.


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