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Pizzelles for Elves

By Cindy M. Amos


Paraeducator Bella Sylvanio has grand plans for the kick-off to the Christmas programs at her elementary school, but the fire alarm sounds before her cookies are baked, and then the cocky new resource officer Maguire Raines upends her orderly world. An unwilling ringmaster for the Christmas Circus, Mag attempts to keep the wayward fifth graders in alignment and works with a troubled second-grader to ease Bella’s concerns. A search for a new business niche lands Mag a bevy of clearance items which become her treasure trove of costumes for the performance. An unseasonal snow turns matters romantic, but when things go haywire at school, Mag begins to lose control. With the paras playing Santa’s elves at every turn, he’ll have to perfect his baking skills to match Bella’s lofty holiday ambitions.
Can love find a way through the cookie press to turn out a tantalizing treat?
Only when the thrill of Christmastime hangs in the air!

Book Takeaway:

God can bring people together as two hearts align in mutual respect and affectionate love at Christmastime

Why the author wrote this book:

To celebrate the beginnings of a family tradition of baking pizzelle cookies for holiday giving


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