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Impasse to Springtime

By Cindy M. Amos


When Happy Lehman rolls her VW bug over right in front of Kirk Anders’ house, she lands on a novel way to get the building pro’s attention. Quick on her feet to recover, she pitches a partnership plan to match up a construction fundraising idea for her nonprofit clothes closet, The Prosper Portal, with some masculine hammer power. Kirk has a few hesitations of his own—including being scorched by his last goodwill partnership. And those fancy she sheds Happy has in mind for her Flirty Half Dozen aren’t exactly his specialty. Happy’s quest for the ultimate chandelier-topped pink shed may be her undoing, as a misdirected client becomes more than a nuisance. Kirk will have to overcome his impasse to letting the season progress—and get Happy on board for their next joint project—if his heart doesn’t teeter off the back porch railing first.
Springtime can be such a wonderful time to build!

Book Takeaway:

God will grow us in ways we cannot fathom to be ready for what he had in store

Why the author wrote this book:

To demonstrate the overarching timing of God in seasons of our lives


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