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Current-Ripped on Cape Lookout

By Cindy M. Amos


A daunting task, Shaina Gillespie endures the solitude on Cape Lookout to prepare the vintage lighthouse keeper’s house for relocation to the mainland. When ebbing currents force a mishap on her paddleboard, she crosses the inlet to Shackleford Banks where the rescue fills with a herd of wild ponies and one reclusive veterinarian, Judd Pearce. An oceanfront dinner-for-two sparks romantic interest, but Shaina determines to remain unbiased since Judd favors his hometown as a prime relocation site. A dark secret enshrouds his wild pony research and cuts a swath of betrayal between them while the tugboat captain gets all-too-friendly when they transport the historic building. Shaina questions worthy allies as her project founders on the shoals.

When the current rips away isolation’s safe perimeter,
can the heart make the crossing to gain something more?

Book Takeaway:

God can overcome any roadblocks along our journey, as long as we trust and obey

Why the author wrote this book:

To capture some of my memories of conducting scientific research on Cape Lookout, including struggles of isolation from civilization


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