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Season Two Snafu

By Cindy M. Amos


Sparks fly when Chastain Landers submits a demo video to promote the baseball team’s charity raffle and gains a job for season two at Riverfront Stadium. Working alongside the handsome Promo Team leader Reynolds Newby seems dreamy until a series of odd happenstances occur around the ballpark. Down on the field, hard-working groundskeeper Clint Ryder has trouble keeping his crew in line, but a substitute assignment brings pretty sports trainer Tanya Whiting out of the dugout and into his arms. Both Reynolds and Clint struggle to keep day-to-day operations intact as the home team quests for postseason playoffs.
Will there be too many snafus to win a championship this season?
Two couples dare to ride the tempest and find love during season two!

Book Takeaway:

Even when it seems like time is running out, God is still in control and can bring about a positive resolution in the throes of defeat

Why the author wrote this book:

To emphasize the importance of doing excellent work with whatever your hands find to do, an example of living above reproach as a Christian


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