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The Blue Ribbon Brides Collection: 9 Historical Women Win More than a Blue Ribbon at the Fair

By Jennifer L. AlLee, Angela Breidenbach, Darlene Franklin, Cynthia Hickey, Carrie Fancett Pagels, Amber Stockton, Niki Turner, Gina Welborn, Becca Whitham


The competition is fierce at state, county, and national fairs when nine women between 1889 and 1930 go for the blue ribbon to prove they have something valuable to contribute to society.
From scultpting butter in Nevada to baking pies in Colorado, from stitching quilts in Michigan to polishing pigs in Arkansas, from clothing designer in South Dakota to the science of botany, there are grand prizes to be won.
Requilted with Love by Carrie Fancett Pagels
Seven Medals and a Bride by Angela Breidenbach
A Taste of Honey by Darlene Franklin
Altered Hearts by Gina Welborn
Better with Butter by Jennifer AlLee
Driven to Distraction by Becca Whitham
First Comes Pie by Niki Turner
Front Page Love by Amber Stockton
Competing Hearts by Cynthia Hickey

Book Takeaway:

Walk the displays and watch the judging of contests as men and women meet at the fair and enter into the greatest prize pursuit—that of a devoted and godly heart.

Why the author wrote this book:

Angela says, "This story is a continuing series for me about the beginnings of the state of Montana. I love sharing the completely crazy and romantic stories of how Montana and her people came to be. In this case, it's true that the women of Montana traveled to Chicago for the 1893 World's Fair and took home seven medals for scientific botany. Putting a fictional romance into that historical truth is pure fun!"


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