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The Librarian's Last Chapter: Book Three in the River Valley Mystery Series

By Cynthia Hickey


Death is marked with an X on a treasure map. A treasure map found in the belongings of a dead woman. Someone has closed the book on the school librarian and Marsha must find a killer before her last chapter ends. Marsha Steele is at it again. When she volunteers to help the high school librarian with a book fair, Marsha stumbles across the woman's body and is roped into running the book fair alone. Marsha comes up with the great idea of doing the fair along with a harvest carnival. The main attraction is a Haunted Tunnel. Little does she know, but evil lurks inside the tunnel that has nothing to do with scary costumes. Join in as once again Marsha and a cast of zany characters try and catch a killer before they become the next victim.


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