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Bitterroot Bride (American State Flower)

By Angela Breidenbach


No one knows the real Emmalee Warren, just what they want from the infamous prostitute. Men are coming out of the woodwork to stake a claim on the miner's widow. They wanted her body before. Now they want her money. Hiring a lawyer, Richard Lewis, to save her from financial ruin might let her start over where no one knows Miss Ellie. Becoming an unknown is the only way to freedom…or is it? Can she leave her past and build a new future?

Book Takeaway:

God uses our experiences, good and bad, to help others.

Why the author wrote this book:

Miss Emmie is a lot like me. She wants to connect with others and build real relationships, but she doesn't feel welcome. She's been mistreated and swindled, but God is in her difficulties. He uses those experiences, just like he used mine and can use yours, to change Miss Emmie's life and the lives of those she learns to love. Miss Emmie also learns that her life matters in God's grand plan.


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