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Death by Baking: A Nosy Neighbor Mystery (Volume 4)

By Cynthia Hickey


When a dead body is found face first in a vat of chocolate inside Stormi's mother's bakery, what's a nosy neighbor to do other than find a killer? Just when she was rethinking her new writing venture of hunting down crimes in order to write about them, Stormi is thrust into another mystery. Someone wants the shop owners of Oak Meadows, Arkansas, to sell out and they will kill to make that happen. Stormi is determined to keep her idyllic town the quaint place it is. Her neighbors are not what they seem, evil encroaches ever closer, and the little old woman across the street wants nothing more than to run Stormi out of town. Full of the same quirky characters, Cynthia Hickey's readers have come to expect, Death By Baking doesn't disappoint in either her humorous who-dunnit style or in the romance department.


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