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The Love of His Brother

By Jennifer AlLee


In the months since the death of her husband, Cliff, Whitney Poulten has pushed herself forward, determined to focus on what's still good in her life: her family, her faith, and the baby she's carrying. But when Cliff's brother comes home, he throws her carefully maintained composure on its head.

After leaving home years earlier without a proper goodbye to anybody, Doug Poulten is considered something of a black sheep. But now he's back, ready to make things right with his family. When he learns that his brother is dead, his attention turns to taking care of his pregnant sister-in-law, Whitney. The last thing either of them expects is for brotherly love to turn into something deeper.


"This gentle and haunting tale of unexpected love between a young pregnant widow and the handsome brother-in-law who was secretly her first love had me turning the pages at a breathless pace."
- Julie on February 09, 2010

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