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Eleven Pipers Piping: Montana Beginnings Book 2

By Angela Breidenbach


What would you do if you were given 11 rowdy street newsies and told either you turn them into model citizens or they get sold into indenture or sent to the military? Of course, start a pipe and drum corps! Eleven Pipers Piping is the story of a sweet music teacher and 11 boys given one chance or else, but one boy doesn't seem like the others. And just who is his father?

Book Takeaway:

You can change the lives around you.

Why the author wrote this book:

We're all looking for such big ways to change the world when it's possible to do so in our own home towns. We overlook the pains and needs of people so close. I hope this story will inspire readers to volunteer in local programs to help people integrate into society, find ways to share food for the hungry, take part in programs like Family Promise, or simply serve at the local soup kitchen or food pantry.


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