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A Killer Plot: A Nosy Neighbor Mystery, Book 2 (Volume 2)

By Cynthia Hickey


ANOTHER FAN WANTS THEIR MOMENT OF FAME AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET IT. After Stormi Nelson’s first mystery hits the NYT Best-Selling List, Stormi begins receiving threatening emails and is stalked by a clichéd person in a trench coat and hat. Her stalkers requests are straightforward; Finish writing her next book quickly, or face the consequences. When nothing Stormi does satisfies this unknown stalker, she and her best friend concoct a plan guaranteed to draw the stalker out of the shadows. While Stormi’s boyfriend, Matt, isn’t excited about the plan, he knows things must come to an end before the stalker makes good on one of their threats. Accidents, threats, and mishaps keep the reader turning the pages. Who will suffer the consequences of Stormi’s plan first?


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