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Copper and Candles

By Amber Stockton


—A young lady of means discovers that keeping secrets, no matter how noble the intent, demands a price that she and a refinery worker, with all their resources, might not be able to pay.—

Society teas and garden parties, shopping, gossip—Life as a young lady of means may be fun, but Felicity wants to do more. Unfortunately, she finds that her position and wealth can sometimes hinder her efforts to help those around her in need. Thus, when a charity case falls ill and cannot work, Felicity determines to go to work as a commoner in Detroit's dangerous factory district. Relationships become complicated, however, and she soon finds herself falling in love with a worker from the copper refinery next door. She knows her family would never accept him as a suitor, but what's a girl to do? What she doesn't know is that Brandt has his own secrets and hides his identity just as carefully as she. Brandt and Felicity soon discover that deception—no matter how noble its intent—demands a price that even they, with all their resources, may not be able to pay. Can they survive the storm when truth is revealed?

Book Takeaway:

Our choices seem right to us, but God knows our hearts, and He is always watching out for us.

Why the author wrote this book:

The Industrial Revolution is a fascinating time, and the growth/expansion of factories brought an entirely different set of opportunities and challenges to the working class. I wanted to showcase the differences between the classes while also showing not all upper class members looked down on the lower classes. But what about the families of those who willingly associated with others outside their class?


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