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Patterns and Progress

By Amber Stockton


—A farmer's daughter would rather turn back the hands of time than accept the fact that advancement in technology could be in God's plan.—

Shannon Delaney was right. Every time she might consider changing her stance on what other people called progress, something bad would happen and she would be proven right again. Take the day Jacob Berringer almost ran her over in that new Model-T, for instance. And he had the nerve to suggest she'd been daydreaming? Or the Titanic. A marvel of modern invention. Look where that got them. Or how about the new tractor her brother insisted they try out. What did he get from that? A broken arm. Why can't things just stay the way they are—the way they should be? Jacob's got his work cut out for him, proving to the stubborn but beautiful Shannon that just because he works for the Henry Ford Company, he isn't evil incarnate. But something about her tells him she's worth the effort, and when Jacob puts his mind to something, he doesn't turn back. But will either of them look to God for direction?

Book Takeaway:

Far too often, we look at our circumstances and worry how we're going to get out of difficult situations or what tomorrow will bring. God tells us not to worry about tomorrow. He has it all under control. I hope you realize this truth and take it to heart after reading this story.

Why the author wrote this book:

For years, I've loved learning about the invention of the automobile. The turn of the 20th century was a time full of discoveries, inventions, and progress. But some didn't take too kindly to all the change. So, I took a man thrilled with the prospect of change and put him at cross paths with a young woman resistant to change. He works for the Ford Motor Company, and she detests those "metal contraptions."


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