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Magic of the Swan

By Amber Stockton


Elenora Caldwell and Trevor Davenport had been thrown together since they were children. As the years passed, a deep friendship developed. Now, as heirs to their respective family fortunes, they each attempt to find where they fit into life’s grand puzzle. When Elenora’s father dismisses a man from his employ, the man threatens to seek revenge. Charmed and fascinated by a new magician in the city who studied under the Great Houdini, Elenora sneaks out to attend a performance, but ends up a pawn in a vile scheme by the magician to take control of Caldwell Enterprises. In order to save Elenora, Trevor must first defeat Cravatta. How can he match wits with a master illusionist? And could his reunion with Elenora be the key to a brand new life?

Book Takeaway:

No matter how hopeless a situation might seem, God is watching over us and always has us in the palm of His hand, ready to use anyone and anything (even the unwilling or unaware) to accomplish His purpose.

Why the author wrote this book:

I have long been a fan of the story of the "swan princess" ever since seeing the Swan Lake ballet performed as a little girl. When I was approached about writing a historical retelling of this fairy tale as both a standalone and part of a set with other authors, I jumped at the chance to infuse a level of spirituality and a unique spin on this age-old tale.


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