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Stealing Hearts

By Amber Stockton


When a thief breaks into Grace Baxton's and steals a faimly heirloom book, she is devastated. Much to Grace's chagrin, the judge sentences Andrew Bradenton to work for the Baxton family until his debt is paid off. But even his time with them won’t replace the items that have been lost. When a handsome stranger shows up on her doorstep with the book in his hand, warming her heart and finding favor with her uncle, Grace is torn over her growing attraction for both men. Andrew tries to tell her the stranger is up to no good and even presents a story about the man working for a competitor in her uncle’s shipping industry. After key documents and money go missing from the safe in her uncle’s home, Andrew is seen as the guilty party. Will Grace discover the truth in time?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes, you have to trust your heart in order to see the truth beyond all facts staring you in the face.

Why the author wrote this book:

This story is book 2 in my Brandywine Brides series. Although I no longer live in Delaware (having left it for the beautiful Colorado mountains), the little state is so rich in culture and industry. It's often overlooked in fictional settings and far too many don't even realize it's a state. I love bringing the culture and the history to life through my books.


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