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Brandywine Brides

By Amber Stockton


Three romances by Amber Stockton take readers into beautiful historical Delaware, where a family of bookstore owners has their faith restored and love multiplied. Caroline manages a bookstore while her parents would prefer she marry. Grace seeks a missing heirloom book with the help of a questionable young man. Lillian reopens the bookstore in her brother’s memory. Will each woman’s literature inspired dreams lead her to a man of faith and devotion?

Book Takeaway:

Faith is a common theme in every book I write, and this compilation showcases the faith of 3 families and 3 couples as they navigate the rushing waters of relationships and family to find love.

Why the author wrote this book:

Readers of my very first series wrote countless letters asking for a continuation of the family from those 3 books, and more from the Delaware setting used. I proposed 2 sets, one in the 19th century, and one at the turn of the 20th century. The latter was accepted. From there, I jumped back into the history of an area where I'd lived for nearly 30 years of my life, and one very close to my heart. Most people aren't even aware Delaware is its own state, let alone the rich culture and history that exists there. I love being able to share that with historical fiction readers.


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