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Skin Care Can Be Murder: A Nosey Neighbor Mystery, book 3

By Cynthia Hickey


A Skincare Party turns to murder and Stormi is called to save the day! When Stormi is roped into attending a party her sister is having in her latest string of "get rich quick" scheme, Stormi has no idea the night will result in one woman's death. When her sister is devastated, she pleads with Stormi to help her clear her name. Not wanting to be involved in another murder, Stormi balks, until she receives threats warning her to keep her nose out of the murder. Anyone who knows her, knows Stormi isn't one to back down when her life is threatened through no fault of her own. She would never have suspected that someone dear to her heart would be behind the rash of crimes. Her investigations result in her trying to lead a young gang member and a group of prostitutes from their lives of crime -- while fighting to save the lives of her and her family.


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