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Hometown Melodies (Smoky Mountain Christmas, Book 2)

By Amber Stockton


Melody May Buchanan left Gatlinburg to pursue a life in the symphony. When a letter arrives asking her to return home for her granddaddy’s 80th birthday, she knows she must go. Leaving her fiancé in Denver while the symphony is on break, she pushes behind her the reasons she left and heads home. But the homecoming isn’t quite what she expected, and she’s immediately faced with everything she loved about growing up there…even her childhood best friend, Drew. Old feelings surface, and she starts to wonder if she made a mistake. Then, her two worlds collide when her fiancé arrives, and she discovers Drew has become quite a success in the music industry. Faced with the dilemma of which path to choose, Melody turns to God and her grandfather for advice. Either way, one man will get hurt. Which option is the best?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes life isn't always what it seems, especially when you look at it from the rearview mirror instead of what lied ahead. What you think might be the best path to take leads you back to the original path you didn't choose, the one to bring you true fulfillment and joy.

Why the author wrote this book:

Gatlinburg, Tennessee has always fascinated me with its deep roots in southern culture and Bluegrass music. When three friends approached and invited me to join them in writing one book of a 4-book series, I eagerly jumped at the chance. This is only one of 4 stories featuring four cousins who left home for one reason or another, yet they return home to celebrate their granddaddy's 80th birthday and discover the reasons they left are the very reasons why they must stay.


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