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Overshadowed (Altered Hearts) (Volume 3)

By Roger E. Bruner


Kim Hartlinger is majoring in Spanish to do missions. Aleesha Jefferson is studying music and drama and aiming for Broadway. But Jo Snelling doesn’t know what she wants to do. She doesn’t even have a dream. No wonder she feels overshadowed by her BFFs. What is she good at doing, anyhow? Reading? Hmm. Not a career possibility. What’s that, Pastor Ron? Lead a team of three on a mission trip to Nicaragua? Don’t you know I’m not a leader? But Jo gives in and lets God take her out of her comfort zone and deposit her in the most poverty-stricken area imaginable, where she’s responsible for teammates Aleesha and mid-teen Daphne. Each girl has a problem Jo can’t solve. And Aleesha’s problem makes her question Jo’s leadership every time she makes a mistake. And then there’s the pride-stricken leader of the other team they’re supposed to work with. Better to leave him alone and pray he doesn’t do too much damage. But at least she’s able to teach her host pastor an important lesson about helping the helpless, resulting in a miracle of near-biblical proportions. Although the three girls come home changed, the problems they had before haven’t disappeared. God helped them face the challenges in Nicaragua. Will He help them deal with their problems now?

Book Takeaway:

Everyone is special. Everyone has his own special gifts, and no one needs to feel inferior to anyone else.

Why the author wrote this book:

My church has an ongoing ministry with a pastor in Nicaragua. Eleven years ago I expected Barbour to publish my third book in the Altered Hearts series. This one. Although it wasn't under contract, I'd already made it to the 30,000 word mark. Then Barbour discontinued their experimental Young Adult line, and I was left without a reason to finish writing Overshadowed. But a little over three years ago I felt God calling me to finish it without regard for whether it would ever be published or not. Although I could find facts about Nicaragua online, I wasn't getting the sense of authenticity Overshadowed needed. So I checked at church, and a small team was going to Nicaragua in three weeks. They understand that this was a research project as well as a mission trip for me, and they welcomed me aboard. No matter how fictitious this story is (it picks up right where the second Altered Hearts book, LOST IN DREAMS, left off), this represents Nicaragua as I see it. And as I think American Christians need to see it as well.


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