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Impractically Yours

By Roger E. Bruner


Ten years after her divorce, forty-year-old María is still distrustful of men. As if that’s not bad enough, her hypoglycemia turns her into a monster anytime she eats too much simple sugar or fails to eat when she’s supposed to.

Fifty-year-old Robbie is a bachelor and a practical joker. Even though he’s also a singer, a guitarist, and a songwriter, an old girlfriend’s betrayal has left him so distrustful of women that he’s no longer willing to share his music with anyone. Especially his new friend María.

Although Robbie and María trust each other enough to become best friends, the secrets each one is still hiding inhibit complete trust, making romance frustratingly slow in coming.

When Robbie plays an unintentionally thoughtless joke on María, it threatens to end their relationship.

Both of them want to save their friendship—and their finally-just-budding romance as well—but their best efforts aren’t working.

Who can bring them together again? Or can anyone?

Book Takeaway:

Love that leads to marriage involves a great deal of trust, and that kind of trust can be challenging to develop. Nonetheless, honest communication opens doors that can't be opened any other way.

Why the author wrote this book:

A very different version of this book was my first effort at writing fiction. After I learned to write better, I realize how terrible that first effort had been. I'd always been in love with the story, though, and finally decided to redo it, almost totally from scratch.


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