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By Roger E. Bruner


A teen misfit discovers that friendship
and love are more important than popularity

When seventeen-year-old Ben Matthews moves to Virginia, he’s dying to break into the local in-crowd. Not very likely, though. The inner circle will never accept a misfit like him—a preacher’s kid.

Then he meets Lydia Lake, another preacher’s kid and a fellow misfit.

They form a tenor banjo and accordion duo the in-crowd openly ridicules, pushing Ben that much further away from their acceptance.

He and Lydia have become best friends, but her interest in Ben is also romantic. As much as he hates to hurt her by rejecting her advances, he can’t force himself to return her affection.

Ben auditions for a popular local Christian band. Although he wins the audition, he assumes his friendship with Lydia is doomed because of his failure to stand up to the band leader for berating her spitefully.

Will Ben find popularity to be worth the cost? Will Lydia forgive him? Will he discover he has romantic feelings for her? What part will the new Everyday People club--a group of Crossroads High’s misfits—play in the story?

Book Takeaway:

God's love helps us to be content with just whoever we are.

Why the author wrote this book:

As a teen and a preacher's kid, I felt like I didn't really fit in anywhere. In the years since then, I've learned to look at that problem from a different perspective, and I wanted to share that in a fictitious form.


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