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The Flowers of His Field (Altered Hearts volume 4)

By Roger E. Bruner


A mysterious phone call claiming that Rosa del Mundo needs help brings Kim Hartlinger, her father, and Rob White to the tiny Mexican village of Santa María, where Kim and Rob served on a mission trip several years earlier. When they arrive, however, Rosa says she didn’t send for them. She has a problem, yes, but she doesn’t need their help. She’s confident God will work everything out.

But when she discovers that her problem is more severe than she realized and that it affects the village’s very existence, she realizes how badly she needs her American friends’ help to discover and carry out God’s solution. No matter how hopeless the village’s situation appears, God shows Rosa and her friends that the solution is right beneath their feet.

While they struggle to work out the elusive details, a variety of romances spring up. How serious are they, and will they help or hinder God’s plans for saving the villagers, the “Flowers of His Field”?

Book Takeaway:

God doesn't always answer our prayers the way we expect, but He always answers them the way He knows is best.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to complete the Altered Hearts series in a spiritually uplifting way that involves Kim's long-desired return to Santa Maria, answers unanswered questions, and ties up other loose ends.


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