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By Roger E. Bruner


Bryan Centuria’s teen friend Tommy owns everything Bryan’s parents can’t afford to give their adopted son. He’s determined to become richer than Tommy’s millionaire father when he grows up.
Ongoing grief over the loss of a special friend and unrelenting guilt about something he played an indirect role in turn teenage Bryan into a miserable loner who’s no longer loving or lovable.
Setting his faith aside as unnecessary, he becomes a successful, tightfisted businessman who acts nice only when it’s good for business. He marries gorgeous and personable Candy—a strictly business relationship—and rejects her efforts to turn their union into a real marriage.
Because of a strong childhood belief in the importance of names and name changes, Bryan stubbornly holds onto the notion that God has promised him a century-long lifespan.
But after meeting his detestable birth mother, Bryan rejects that belief and retires to a houseboat to await death at or before the age of fifty—the age none of his male birth ancestors have lived past.
What would Bryan change if he should survive his fiftieth birthday?

Book Takeaway:

God can do amazing things with someone who's willing to place his life in God's hands, even when all seems to be lost.

Why the author wrote this book:

I became fascinated with the importance of names in the Bible and the significance of name changes. I was middle-aged when I first came up with the idea of this story and I was fretting about whether the best was already behind or whether God might have something even better in the future. (He did!)


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