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Do I Ever

By Roger E. Bruner


Andrea (Andi) and Drew Stevens are awaiting the finalization of their divorce.

Drew is a Christian. He disapproves of divorce. And he still loves Andi no matter how unlovable she’s grown. Andi is a Christian, too. But she believes she’s grown unworthy of Drew’s love. And she refuses to explain her insistence on divorce.

Drew’s new best friend, BJ Diaz, has her heart set on marrying him eventually. As a non-Christian, however, she detests his unwillingness to date or do anything that looks even vaguely improper while he’s still married.

Drew and Andi’s former best friends, Heather and Jonathon Hunt, are also divorcing. But the two couples are afraid to tell one another. So when the Hunts visit the Stevens, each couple puts on a very complicated “still happily married” act to keep the other from learning the truth.

Determined to prevent Drew from being deluded into thinking the charade might solve his problems with Andi—and mess up her own plans—BJ comes to work for Andi during the Hunts’ visit to keep a close eye on their interaction.

Andi’s ancient, widowed neighbor, Merry Pleasants, disapproves of divorce. She’s not simply a divorce court employee who has more control over the Stevens’ case than her job description would indicate, she’s also a Neighborhood Watch of one who monitors everyone’s comings and goings from her window. And she’s determined to throw a monkey wrench into Drew and Andi’s divorce.

Can this story end happily for Andi and Drew Stevens, Heather and Jonathan Hunt, BJ Diaz—and even old Mrs. Merry Pleasants?

Book Takeaway:

Opening up the lines of communication can save a troubled marriage

Why the author wrote this book:

As a man whose first marriage was beyond saving, I wanted to present a humorous look at two fictitious marriages that should and could be saved.


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