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Ask Lolita

By Roger E. Bruner


A delightfully unbelievable fantasy. Not only does the Town Curmudgeon’s pet hen Lolita learn to use the computer and get her own newspaper column, she helps the lifelong bachelor survive the challenges of old age and find true love in the process.

Book Takeaway:

Love and friendship are outstandingly wonderful parts of life. Whether between God and people, man and woman, friends, or even humans and animals, they're necessary, enjoyable, and fulfilling.

Why the author wrote this book:

Once I saw ANGEL & THE TOWN CURMUDGEON attracting readers I started wondering what might have happened if that book had kept going. This book is the continuation of that story. I wrote it the way I did because I wanted to do something very different from any of my previous books--and to have fun doing it.


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