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Recalled to Life

By Roger E. Bruner


Claude Robertson, Sunnydale’s respected “Town Curmudgeon,” is amazingly healthy for an eighty-nine-year-old. The lifelong bachelor is happily married to longtime widow Ruth, who not only lovingly endures her husband’s quirky nature, she enjoys pampering him. With the addition of a small circle of caring friends and more money than he could spend in two lifetimes, he’s all set to enjoy the rest of his life.

Claude has every reason to be happy. Extremely happy.

But he’s not.

He’s miserable. He’s trapped. Not physically like Dr. Alexandre Manette, the character in A Tale of Two Cities who spent years unfairly imprisoned in the Bastille, but by boredom, frustration, and a feeling of worthlessness after losing the ability to carry out the ministries he’s dedicated his entire life to.

Like Dr. Manette, he badly needs to be “recalled to life.” To a life that’s fully meaningful in spite of its limitations. A life that still has purpose. A life that shows God still has a use for him.

Ruth helped to recall Claude to life from loneliness when they fell in love three years earlier. But can she help to recall him to life now? How can she enable him to see that, even at his age, he’s still a “work in progress,” a work God hasn’t finished with yet?

Book Takeaway:

God has a use for each of His children, even when they are depressed about their inability to serve Him in ways they've served in the past.

Why the author wrote this book:

As a senior citizen who has lost several areas of ministry, I felt the need to work through some of my frustrations through the character of Claude Robertson, whom I introduced in ANGEL & THE TOWN CURMUDGEON and ASK LOLITA. I believe a number of other elderly people need to be reminded that they are never useless to God if they're receptive to His leading.


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