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Play the Right Game

By Roger E. Bruner


Super-competitive best friends Carla Cabrero and Annie Murdoc both want a husband. Carla is waiting for God to lead her to the right man, but Annie—a non-Christian—persists in using her most provocative charms to attract men. Carla describes that as “playing the wrong game.”

Annie sets her sights on soon-to-be divorced TJ Newland, but her improper advances turn him off. Although he eventually falls for her, he won’t consider marrying another non-Christian. He doesn’t know that Annie’s guilt over something from her distant past stands in the way of her salvation.

Can she accept God’s love, learn to forgive herself, and become the woman TJ wants and needs?

Although Carla enjoys a near-storybook romance with visiting TV preacher Thom King, love blinds her to his faults. Once she realizes who he really is and what he’s guilty of, their romance comes to an apparently hopeless end.
Can she forgive Thom for the sins that seem to have destroyed their relationship?

And how can Carla and Annie help one another through this most trying time of their lives?

Book Takeaway:

Christians must not only forgive one another, but themselves.

Why the author wrote this book:

As a Christian man who's been divorced and has remarried, that's a favorite subject for me. And so is forgiveness


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